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XinFin’s XDCNFT Marketplace Is Open Now, XDCNFT Enters Into Motorsports

XinFin’s XDCNFT Marketplace Is Open Now, XDCNFT Enters Into Motorsports

It’s a well known fact that the Non Fungible Token (NFT) industry has its hands on all sorts of industries and sectors possible in the world. Ranging from tech firms to breweries almost all are into the NFT sector either in one way or the other.

Upon this, one particular industry which pumps up an immediate adrenaline surge is the NFTs with Motorsports. Motorsports based NFTs are always one of the most anticipated and valuable of all time.

Accordingly, the XinFin’s NFT marketplace, the XDCNFT has a completely new set of plans to enhance its user database. The latest promotion project from the stables of XDCNFT is its partnership with Britain motorsports. Step by step, this particular motorsport project of XDCNFT alone adds up immense potential, if executed flawlessly.

Callum MacLeod on XDCNFT’s Lead

The XDCNFT is built up and launched out by the BlocksWorkz Ltd, a U.K based NFT projects and blockchain tech firm. The XDCNFT platform actually performs completely on XinFin’s blockchain, the XDC20 network.


Apart from all this, the XDCNFT has picked up a great momentum since its launch. Various technological factors all concerning the 1% gas fees and zero installation fees, encourages more and more users into the platform.

And so, with enhanced technology on one hand, XDCNFT plans to elaborate and specialize more of its NFTs available for the users. In such terms, XDCNFT’s latest attempt is to bring out a complete set of NFTs and NFT based events all surrounding the British motorsports and the British G.T.

Accordingly, on 25th April, 2022, XDCNFT officially announced its partnership and entry into Britain motorsports, with NFTs revolving around motorsports and racing. In addition to partnership, XDCNFT has also signed a sponsorship for motorsports all in the U.K.

With all events to be taking place in Britain motorsports, XDCNFT will be sponsoring them all. Firstly, XDCNFT will be starting off with British Formula Champion and race car driver Callum MacLeod directly into the promotions with their NFT based helmets.

This will feature the racer Callum MacLeod, wearing a white helmet sponsored by XDCNFT, with featured NFTs both by the buyer and the seller on both sides of the helmets, worn throughout all the season races.  

In addition to this, the users will be able to enjoy a splendid race experience throughout, by interacting directly with the race car driver, visiting the team pitstops, access to the behind scene race teams and much more. Also, two free tickets will be given to all the races of the season.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice